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Why consider Food Safety Training or Certification?

Food establishments are responsible for keeping and handling food safe for their customers and food handler safety is of paramount importance to businesses of any size which handle food. Food handler safety does not only affect the sales and continued patronage of an establishment, but also public safety. Some additional important reasons to be food safety trained:

  • Almost all states require a person-in-charge (PIC) of a food establishment demonstrate knowledge or be certified of food safety as outlined in the FDA Food Code. This is accomplished through an ANSI-Accredited Certified Food Manager Exam.
  • Some states (California, Illinois, Arizona, West Virginia, Texas, and New Mexico - and a few local jurisdictions - check with local health authority) require that Food Handlers have a certificate from an ANSI-accredited organization.
  • Many businesses require food safety training - and being food safety trained - will increase your chances of being employed.

Food Safety Handler's Training Card

Individuals working in food facilities who are involved in preparing, storing, or handling food are required to obtain a Food Handler's Card. This includes food employees that work in restaurants, cafes, bakeries, delis, mobile vendors, food trucks, bars, kiosks, convenience stores, and other food service employees.

Examples of food facility staff required to obtain a Food Handler's Card include: Wait staff - servers, chefs, cooks, mobile food vendors, bartenders, host/hostesses that handle food, bussers, caterers, supervisors and managers, food warehouse staff, and convenience store (c-store) clerks. Click here for Food Safety State Map

Food Safety Manager Course & ANSI Certification

Food establishments generally employ a person-in-charge (PIC) or a certified food manager (CFM) who requires food safety manger certification. These establishments include: bars, restaurants, mobile vendors, food trucks, caterers, assisted-living, prison facilities, and day care centers.

The Food Safety Manager Principles Course provides necessary training leading up to the Food Manager Certification Exam. This course covers food safety issues, regulations, and techniques to maintain a food-safe environment. Click here for Food Safety State Map

The ANSI exam is scheduled online and must be proctored at a 3rd party test center location. View how to schedule your ANSI Exam online at a computer testing center near you. (Note: To login to the exam, you will need the username and password sent to you after purchase in the exam enrollment notice email.)